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Bonemane reviews Rakion Chaos Force (PC)

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Bonemane said...

While commiting the crime of false advertisement, Rakion does have its merits as a better, less hacked version of 'GunZ Online'. First off I have to say: The Cash Shop destroys the balance in this game. So if you're going to play beware you might get owned by some guy with +10 flaming armor and weapons and you're both level 1 =/

Like GunZ its a lobby based third-person-shooter deathmatch/action-oriented (Think Unreal Tournament or Quake except in Third Person) game with added scenarios or "instances" which are fights against NPC monsters on different stages. Deathmatches are your standard fare except with Bows and Swords. The real draw would be the instances in which 1-10 people go into a stage and fight monsters all the way to the boss. The drawback is that this game isn't really populated so trying to get a full room going is a challenge. The PvP hit detections is horrid at times because you can hit someone 20 times and them not die, but you die in 5 hits. There's Golem mode where each team attacks a gold golem and which team kills the gold golem gets to attack the opposing team's master golem. Killing the master golem wins the match. Again the cash shop unbalances things so most of the time you'll see a player just destroy the gold golem then run to master golem and destroy him in seconds.

Overall its a decent game to play casually. I'd warn people not to join because its protected by hackshield which is one of the worst anti-hack programs ever. People have already started hacking and I estimate that within a year or so this game might be in the same situation as 'GunZ'.

Game Traits applied to Rakion Chaos Force (PC) by Bonemane

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
    Ninja, Customized Character
  • Playing Against:
    AI and Online Players
  • How it's Played:
  • General Tone:
Rakion Chaos Force

Rakion Chaos Force (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date:
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Wow, looks like they give you much more room for reviews now, the old site only let you write a small paragraph.

Yeah they let you write ALOT now. I don't know the limit or there might not be a limit. I hated the mini-reviews they used to make us do, but now its perfect.
I think Cash Shops and mircotransactions pretty much ruin any game.
Yeah I don't see how people even use items in the cash shops knowingly it destroys the integrity of the game. Its even more pointless that they use cash on a game thats obviously going to go nowhere like this one.

Its like...Nice job "pwning n00bs" and being the best player ever on a game hardly anyone knows about and one you'll no doubt get no recognition for your efforts =/
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