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Bonemane reviews Baldur\'s Gate: Dark Alliance (PS2)

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Bonemane said...

While the ported Baldur's Gate series can't hold a candle to its PC counterparts there is still fun to be had. This series is more hack-n-slash until very late into the game where you're forced to use magic and skills. I suggest people play this with 2 players to improve the fun factor. The game is pretty much dungeon after dungeon and the story is decent, but you never really get into it. There is a big glitch that you'll find out eventually or when you first start playing the game if you're lucky. It will help you alot if you choose to do it (Hint: 2 Players Only xP ). If you've ever played Champions of Norrath this is the same except with a more isometric camera (Think Diablo or the original Baldur's Gate series).

Overall when compared to its forefathers its not as deep or inspiring or advanced or ground-breaking or....you get the picture. It's still a fun game and definitely worth the first play through. After you beat the game and unlock the secret character, to play it again is up to you, but beware as I don't think you can play it singe player once you start two players so you'll have to find someone to play him with if you're going to do it.

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