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Was it a marketing trick?

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Bonemane said...
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Here's the story. The makers of the game "Sudden Attack" launch the Pre-OBT version of the game along with a contest to draw in people on xfire. The contest was to log in hours in the game (because Xfire logs in the hours on games you've played). 50+ hours would net you an entry to win a brand new computer while less than that would give you a chance to win keyboards, graphic cards, etc. I know this might sound like nothing, but the contest ended Saturday, August 8th (technically it ended on midnight of August 7th). Its now been over a week and still no posting of the winners. They finally made a comment that they would post winners, but that was 2 days ago and still no word.

The community of Xfire has ants in their pants and most are either bewildered or outraged. There's also speculation that they only did the contest so they could claim "We're the #1 community on Xfire and in the top 30 games" and "Our players logged in 20k hours at launch" which they started slapping on every banner, their homepage and such right before the contest ended.

I guess we'll see within the next week or so what happens. Small indie company launching their first or second game, actually the Pre-Open Beta Test of it, and giving away thousands of dollars worth of items before they've made profit. Maybe it was too much for them. I doubt it was some sort of scam, but you never know. I hope we didn't waste our time.
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This happened on similar occasions with other games. The Warhammer Online one for instance took over 4 weeks for the contest winners to be announced on ANOTHER site.
I'm just trying to wrap my head around 50 hours of gameplay for a prize....

Pretty obvious gimmock, but as long as they eventually give out the prizes...
Did anybody manage to log 50 hours?

Some of the guys talking on the forums said they actually looked at people's profiles themselves and only about 30 logged 50 hours.

I almost got there myself, I left my computer on and it boosted me up to 44 hours then the contest ended :(
Sometimes it takes months to announce contest winners for anything. I think they'd have to give out the prizes if they say they are. Are the winners chosen at random or do they decided who gets what? I'm with LordXenophon did anybody manage to log 50 hours?
Unless the game was super engrossing, unlikely if they needed a contest to lure gamers in, those who logged 50 hours earned that damn computer.
From what you said about it, it sounds/plays/handles like shit. you even said once the contest was over you'd be uninstalling it from your drive. So I'm thinking it WAS some kind of gimmick. Like viral marketing. Only it goes both ways. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just sucks Balls.

As far as the contest goes though, I'm pretty sure they're under contract to oblige prizes, I honestly don't think Microsoft would let them get away with just saying "HaHAHa, there is no prize. Made you Look!"

Like mishy said, sometimes it just takes a few weeks to vote/pick randomly etc etc the winner of the grandprize, runners up, and so on.

I think they want to make sure no one was "cheating" in some way. Which is possible, given that some peolpe will go to any lengths to get something they want, and they'll do pretty much anything questionable along the way. Even cheating.

Patience young grasshopper. Patience.
Yeah I suppose there's a number of reasons why they could be taking so long. They're problably checking for people who actually played the game and not just left it on, I'm glad I played it a bit :)

There was some argument on the forums because one guy overdid it and logged over 100+ hours. People were debating whether he left his game on or actually played.
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