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Football Superstars Requirements

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Bonemane said...
  • frustrated
What is up with the ridiculous amount of ram needed to play this game? Whenever I try to load it up it says my graphics card doesnt meet min requirements (I only have 512mb RAM) then kicks me off and I meet every other requirement. This is retarded as I can play everyother game, even games that are supposed to be way out of my computer's league, but not a simple game like this.
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Are you sure it's the memory on your graphics card which is the issue? Many games won't work on older cards because they call functions which only exist on newer cards. Some games won't even run without PhysX support, not that I would ever buy such a game.

If it's just RAM in general it's complaining about, and not specifically the RAM on your graphics card, then maximizing your disk cache size might help. It works with some games.

Yeah its the RAM in general I believe, but you bring up a good point in that it might have something to do with the call functions. All it does is display a generic message so I might have to look and see If I can find a log. I maximized my disk cache ages ago in preparation for something like this.
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