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Is The Halo Series overrated?

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Bonemane said...
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If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you guys go to GameSpot.com and check out this year's 'greatest hero of all time' tournament. If you don't know what that is, its the same thing as the 'Final Four' in terms of sports. They randomize match ups and people pick who they think is going to win. This year Master Chief was matched up against Bub & Bob, two dragons who are only known in casual puzzle games. In the biggest upset I ever seen they completely destroyed Master Chief by 7% in the polls.

On the boards I noticed people arguing about how bland and overrated Master Chief is and I agree with them for the most part. Although I have to say they have to give Master Chief some respect and not just vote against him and let some even lamer characters win. After all Master Chief's armor alone is really cool and destroys those minor characters. Of his merits, Master Chief is more of a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood type of character and I think thats what draws people to him. Thing is, there's hundreds of the same character around, some in different forms, from Alex Mercer in Prototype to Snake's raspy voice.

Even though I think Halo is overrated, I had Master Chief going all the way to the finals along with Solid Snake because I thought the millions of fanboys would never let Master Chief lose.

So my question to you all is what do you think?

Here's the link:


Halo 2

Halo 2 (XBOX)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 09/NOV/04
Halo 3

Halo 3 (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 26/SEP/07
Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved (XBOX)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 06/NOV/01
Halo Wars

Halo Wars (X360)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 03/MAR/09
Halo 3: Recon

Halo 3: Recon (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 22/SEP/09
Halo 3: Spanish Edition

Halo 3: Spanish Edition (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 01/NOV/07
Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 01/SEP/10
Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 22/SEP/09
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Halo is greatly overated, it's not a bad game, but there's no possible way for it to live up to the hype. I really don't understand how it got so much worship, I don't understand what made it stand out so much to deserve it all :S

Who is voting for those Dragons? Are peopel voting for them jsut because they are the underdog?
Yeah, Halo is overrated. I knew Master Chief wouldn't make it to the finals, because you have to consider the internet audience. I was surprised that Master Chief was out so soon, though. I put him up against Mario, and Solid Snake vs. Link.

Well in the matchup against Master Chief I think people were just making a statement, but for Sonic its understandable because he's fallen a LOOOOOOOONG way from the top. Its almost tear worthy how down in the gutter Sonic is nowadays.

Yeah I think what totally messed up everyone's bracket was Master Chief's downfall. Oddly enough a few people (some of them the main voices against the chief on the forums and in the comments) got it all right. Conspiracy maybe?
My pick would have been the whale character from Timesplitters. "Tonight you sleep with the fishes". That whale would kick the crap out of Master Chief :P

If those dragons don't lose to Samus then I'm calling shenanigans on the whole affair.
Master chief is overrated of course. But he is the Icon of microsoft in gaming... Nothing we can do to put "him" down.
I think that the Halo franchise lost it's spark when they released Halo 2. Halo was one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm not lying when I say that if M$ had found a way to make it work on Xbox Live when they released it through Xbox Originals that I would be playing the hell out of it even now. The story was on an epic scale but they lost what it could have been when they screwed up with Halo 2.

In my opinion, Halo could have been much more grand if the story didn't go sour and arguably had the game play not been altered from the first game. Is Halo overrated? Yes, but I believe there are some redeeming qualities that keep it from being brushed under the rug by those whose souls died with Halo 2.

Is Master Chief overrated? Highly, but only because of those little twerps that symbolize what Halo means today. What would be cool is if Bungie (or whoever, I don't know anymore) evolved the character from a super soldier badass and gave him more flavor by fleshing out his backstory by allowing gamers to play as him during his training days - without the armor.
I liked the first halo when I got it on PC. But the rest was simply not what I'd call interesting sequels. Don't forget that the company that made halo got sold and the one that was in charge of the game made it the halo we know.
I think Halo series is one of the most overrated game series ever, but they aren't bad games.

I think people who play them really only care about the MP, and I'm not really into competitive MP, mainly Co-op.
Well that's a silly question. Halo is ridiculously over-rated. Number one was downright silly, number two's story was the only thing that kept it afloat, and three cruised on by on hype alone.
I never understood the craze that was Halo or the greatest of Master Chief. To me, Halo will always be a series that tried to hard. Played the first game on the PC and was completely underwhelmed. I kept asking myself, "ok, what's so great about this again?" A cookie-cutter FPS.

As to why Master Chief didn't win...meh, I've never put much value into polls. Either too many fanboys vote or too little and then they whine later.
I don't think the Halo SERIES is over-rated at all, on the contrary it's under-rated if anything.

If anyone has taken the time to read the books and look into the other side projects that expand immensely on the story they'd know that it has so much potential for much more than stupid run-n-gun shooter games. The games do the story no justice at all and are an embarrassment when you look at the whole picture. It's sad, really. At least that's how I personally feel.

That being said, the GAME SERIES is entirely over-rated. =P
I bet you nudged people just so you could be pedantic about what 'the Halo Series' is :P

I haven't read the books or seen the anime or blaah. I saw RvB but I don't think that counts. The game series is overated, the Halo series is generally unknown >.>
Pedantic? Maybe. =P
Halo is overrated from start to finish, but that's my opinion. :P
I dont think the game is entirely overrated. The single player experience is entertaining but I wouldn't say its the best I've ever played. However the multiplayer is great. There are alot of options in the multiplayer that most games haven't even attempted to replicate. Matchmaking, Forge, Theater... to name a few. I'll be honest with you, I've played Halo 1-3 and haven't paid attention to whats going on in the story, I just play for the experience of playing. But I find that I'm having a great time doing so. I will say this... if people didn't enjoy the series then it wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is.
Halo is alright, but... I've never enjoyed the series. Of course, I've also been raised on fast-paced PC-based FPSs.
I've never really seen Halo as anything other than just another FPS to add to the list. Gameplay-wise, there really isn't anything new or noteworthy to it. Sure, it controls fine, weapons are fine, etc. But really, that's it. I can't find any aspect of the game that makes it stand out from any other FPS. I'm not saying it's a BAD game, per se, just that it isn't really above many other FPS in its class.

If it wasn't hyped as the epitome of modern gaming, I'd probably be a little more supportive of it. But since so many people hold it up as a "must play", and a landmark in gaming, I find it hard to take it seriously. The only thing I can see to its credit is the sheer amount of sales it brings in. Now THAT I am impressed by.
When Halo origanlly came out it was considered "revoultionary" for the shield system because back then no games really had something along those lines, of course nowdays you'd look back on it and say whats so special?

The series is fine the way it is, most people don't go into home planets, air makeup, atmosphere etc etc to give the universe a more completed feel, alot of the stuff there actually made me feel good, bad whatever but i felt it, i am no fanboy but hey i like a series sue me!

Also why hate a game because of Microsoft? thats even stupider
Who hates Halo just because it's made by Microsoft?
Id be quite capable of directing hate at Micro$oft without Halo :P I don't think Halo has much effect on my views on M$
GFWL managed to turn me off of microsoft, not Halo :P
As for Halo, I enjoyed the first part but that's about it, considering that the latest console I own is the PS2 that shouldn't surprise anyone.
maybe the game is overrated, but the soundtrack is always just gorgeous.. :)

(have to admit (haha sounds like I need to be ashamed of), I like the whole series, and I really think there are a lot more games which are hyped a lot but aren't that great - Chacun à son goût.)
Halo took things which worked well in other games:
Cooperative Play
Fast action Multiplayer

Improved on it and threw it all together.

They had just about everything people would want out of an FPS and brought the gametype to your average user, which is why it was so successful.

Are they beating a dead horse? Possibly although 4 Player Coop sounds really cool!
Iit just bores me. I'd rather play something like Timesplitters.
I love the Timesplitter's games, too bad I doubt we'll see a fourth one.
oOo just got back from playing Prototype and I see there's alot of responses. *laughs hysterically* The Halo hate grows even more...victory is mine!

I'm surprised how many people are stepping up and finally saying Halo is overrated. I remember an internet reviewer who goes under the name "Yahtzee" said Halo was overrated and Halo 3 wasn't near as good as what everybody says and he got torn apart by people. Now he's afraid to even speak the name Halo xP
I didn't even realise they made books about Halo. I'm not much of a lore reader when it comes to video games. Usually the only time I read lore is when they incorporate it into the game so that you have to read it inorder to progress. I'm playing the Baldur's gate series at the moment and there's huge amounts of books just lying around with essays inside each of them and I just throw them away =/
I too have had a grudge against Microsoft ever since they changed MSN Gaming Zone into what it is today and dropped support for all their PC games including the Age of Empires series. They're the only company I know with the balls to drop support for ALL of their most successful multiplayer enabled PC games at the time. Microsoft really knows how to piss people off, thousands at a time.

Only thousands?

Yeah everytime M$ screws something up they piss off thousands, adding them onto the stack of millions already pissed off at them.
@Bonemane Heh, Yahtzee rules... People get mad because he points out things that they don't want to notice.
@Bonemane ....He still rips Halo on a regular basis.... Keep in mind, his reviews are more satirical than anything else.
Compared to other shooters today? Yeah maybe its kinda overrated even though i still prefer it over most fps released nowadays. But seen a whole I dont believe the Halo franchise is that overrated and it deserves the praises it gets since Halo is pretty much the reason why fps ever became popular on consoles and the sole reason xbox live ever took off or online console gaming in general became mandatory since how much of a success Halo 2 was.
@WILDMAMMOTH and @BufusTeefus

Yeah Yahtzee's pretty much the only reason I look at the escapist other than 'There Will Be Brawl' and 'Doomsday Arcade'. Last time I looked at their actual articles it was written by some amateur who didn't know a thing about gaming or psyshology yet felt he could identify if you are "addicted to gaming". Needless to say nearly everyone who read his article got angry and destroyed him in the comments. Some even looked him up and found his sources (only sources he had was watching his 7 year old brother play cause I'm sure he's addicted *rolls eyes* and going on a forum for journalists and asking for help from random people, one of which suggest that if you move the controller around you're addicted ROFL) and laughed him off the site.
@Torinir OVER 9000!!!
Ima let you guys continue, but Halo 3 is the best next gen console shooter. The best!

Memes aside... The issue of Halo being overrated is such nonsense. First of all... There's too many people who think Halo is overrated, for it to be overrated.

Second, people who think halo is overrated need to check the sales figures for Halo 3. They're insane. Quality game or not, it sells like sex and candy.

Finally, there's all the people who start crying that it doesn't deserve to sell this much. Wtf is that about, cry me a river, build a bridge, and get the fuck over it. A game doesn't deserve to sell that well, what incredible non sense. Just because YOU don't like something, doesnt mean other people are not allowed to enjoy it. Games are a very personal matter, much like books, movies and music. If you generalize like that, everything is overrated. And let's be fair, anything popular is considered to be overrated these days.

Let me illustrate:

Pop music is overrated
Metal Music is overrated
Nirvana is overrated
The Simpsons are overrated
South Park is overrated
Top Gear is overrated
The Matrix is overrated
The Lord of the Rings is overrated
The Godfather is overrated
Scarface is overrated
Cars are overrated
Shoes are overrated
Clothes are overrated
Alcohol is overrated
Cigs are overrated
Sex is overrated
Tupac is overrated
Firefox is overrated
Facebook / myspace is overrated
Playboy is overrated
Shoestrings are overrated
Iphone is overrated
World of Warcraft is overrated
Star Wars Galaxies preCU is overrated

Should I continue?

No I think I've made my point. Are any of those things BAD? Sure for some people, but the rest of us like wearing clothes. Should anybody really care whether something is overrated? No, because everything fun, will always be overrated. You never hear anybody say "pissing in your pants is overrated"...

Now let us move on to part two of my ... whatever this is. What is this btw? A thread? A blog? I have no idea. Nonetheless; Halo.

Halo: Combat Evolved was for the Xbox generation what Goldeneye 64 was for the N64 generation: The best damn party shooter in a long time. It had vehicles, controls were good, multiplayer was a lot of fun. And that's all that matters. Who gives a fuck about repetitive level design if the rest is solid. Then there was Halo 2, which build around the buzz that Halo created. It was gonna be bigger, badder, meaner, with more amazing multiplayer... And oh how good the multiplayer was. You have to understand, playing Halo is a bit like sex... Playing alone might be fun for a little while, but in the end you'll end up sad and frustrated. Playing with strangers might give you a decent experience, or not... Mostly not, but you're desperate... The real fun starts when you start playing with people you know and play often with. You get to know each others play styles and personalities, and before you know it you're driving that Warthog through groups of enemies while somebody is playing Funky Town and shooting people from the turret....

Am I excited about ODST? Yes.... I have close group of people I've been gaming with for years, and Halo has always been a lot of fun for us because of the vehicles and just general wacky shit you can pull... Also, ODST has the voicecast of Fillion, Tudyk and Baldwin, the Serenity crew... Although i'm sure some people will find Firefly overrated as well....

@Dem Sex, my friend, is far from over-rated.
Firefox is another thing on that list that is not over-rated.
The rest, I'll let you have.

I don't really see points or much of an argument there. You just made a sarcastic list then rambled on like a fanboy advertising Halo rather than trying to go in-depth or examine it.

There's vehicles in alot of shooters and some of them are just as flimsy as the ones in Halo. So again, Halo doesn't really stand out.

Nobody needs to check sales figures as anybody with sense or any kind of business knowledge will tell you that sales figures means exactly nothing when it comes to how good something is. I'm pretty sure you could crap your pants then put them on ebay and SOMEONE will buy them. Transformers 2 made a huge impact in ticket sales on the box office, but pretty much everyone said it blew. So based on its box office performance are we going to say it was a masterpiece?

Yes video games are personal taste, but when it comes to shooters especially FPSs most of them are exact clones with different themes. Which is why people are trying so hard nowadays to find something unique that they can add to their shooter before they put it out there. With Halo to me its just the same old futuristic outer-space shooter like every other futuristic outer-space shooter out there.

Once the number of Halo nay-sayers reaches a point like this and starts reflecting in events that are tied to Halo I'd say its time to stop being in fanboy denial and start questioning the game you're playing.

My point is that something being overrated isn't a bad thing. It's a bullshit term based on nothing, which fanboys throw about whenever they don't like something somebody else enjoys. The internet is full of idiots, trolls and fanboys who like to throw dirt at each other. If a person REALLY REALLY REALLY likes apple pie, but you don't like apple pie... Does that mean the other person is not entitled to liking apple pie, just because it's not as good as you imagined it would be? It's not a sarcastic list btw... There are people who find the things on that list overrated. Google any term and you'll find a post or some sort of raged blog expressing hatred toward the item mentioned... The point wasn't to be sarcastic, it was to point out the stupidity of the issue.

I'm not saying Halo is the most amazing fantastic FPS sent from Heaven... But imo its one of the few decent console FPS. In fact, if it were released for PC I'd prolly never play it. But it wasn't. It was devved for a console... The thing with the vehicles, I can't remember any other console FPS with shooters from that time, but maybe my memory is a bit rusty. I know the PS3 now has Warhawk, which is a great game (for about two hours) btw. There's also UT and Quake I believe, altho I think their console versions are atrocities. GTA IV also has vehicles and shooting, not sure how much that is still played tho, I didnt like it that much (xcept with friends). As to why halo stands out... It's a shooter, on a console, that doesn't suck.... I think that was probably it's biggest achievement. PS3 is fiddling around with shooters as well, but no luck so far. Only decent shooter was Modern Warfare, which was quite ok on the consoles (tho I prefer the PC version).
@Dem I have to disagree, the idea of something being overrated is not bullshit. It just means that something is more popular than it deserves to be. The thing is that it's a relative term, so it all depends on perspective. In other words, two people can disagree about something being overrated and both of them can be 100% correct at the same time...But just because something is relative or subjective doesn't make it bullshit.
It, err... WAS developed for computers first. For Mac and PC at that. It's just that Microsoft bought Bungie before they released it, and kept it as an exclusive to their console.

I think we can all agree that Halo is a good FPS. The controls are solid, and it plays very well. Also, multiplayer is certainly a blast. The point of this whole thing is that there are equal or better FPS, from the same release times, that are not held in NEARLY as high regard as Halo. Back when it came out, it was one of the very few good Xbox games. And considering it actually was a good game, it was pretty much the selling point of the original Xbox. If you ask me, that's where it stemmed from, and has been growing ever since. And at this point, it's almost a nostalgic love to the original Xbox owners.

Also, nobody brought up the (ridiculous) point of "fanboyism" aside from the original Master Chief vote, and people talking about themselves, until you showed up
what? no love for Commander Sheperd?
I think Dem is just tired of those few trolls on the internet who suffer from asbergers. You know those people who just seem to hate everything or anything thats popular and angrily try to convince everyone to join their side even though they have no real argument as to why it blows. These people usually don't get paid attention to anyway. The only real power they have is if you let them get to you.

But just discussing something or saying its something doesn't make it bullshit at all. If we didn't have discussions or argue, society would be at a standstill. In the long run chances are if we don't get this out the way as with World of Warcraft we might get stuck in a short period of nothing, but Halo clones. Going back to Transformers 2. Why do you think it was made that way? Because the majority praised or atleast liked the first one and hardly anyone pointed out its flaws.

Nobody is forcing anyone to not like Halo. We're just saying its not "the best thing since sliced bread".
Sliced bread is overrated as well.
I think you're thinking of schitsophrenia.

Asperger's is the one that makes people keep dragging threads back on topic over and over, even months after everyone else has stopped posting.
I'm not sure that's Aspergers either.
It could be. Aspergers tend to be obsessive-compulsive. In fact, it's very hard for them not to be. They tend to be interested in one thing and they give you a blank stare when you try to talk about anything else - kind of like an pwnzghu1.

Not so sure about them drawing a thread back on topic, though. I suppose it's possible if they're the creator of the thread in the first place, but they're far more likely to derail every thread in the entire forum and turn them all into discussions about SingStar Queen.
I too think that halo 3 is over-rated.
Halo 2 was a terrific game, I used to play it so much!
But Halo 3 was a major disappointment for me. The single player campaign is awful and the controls just don't feel right.
I didn't play the Multi-player because i was so disappointing by the single player campaign I just gave the game to my friend and that's it (He was disappointed as well, by the way.)
you have to admit though that as far as evolving, Halo has gotten considerably better graphically. But I'll be the first to tell you that, though a lot of people might love this game, I never really got into it, or saw why people though it was greater than the second coming.

I liken this game to the Unreal Tournaments, crap story, hellacious multiplayer. And I think that's the appeal of the series the most myself.
This topic is overrated.

Actually, I don't think it is. I am not a Halo fan myself, I am a Call of Duty fan but I have played Halo and enjoyed it. I do think there are other games out there that are better, but it does not matter. What is overrated for one person is underrated for another.

There is no way to settle this discussion unless everyone agrees to disagree.

Halo has proven to be a huge hit plain and simple. Just look at the sales figures. Plus, look at the following.

1. Halo is almost completely responsible for the success of the original Xbox.

2. Halo 2 is still to this very day the #1 Xbox Live title on the original Xbox

3. Halo 3 broke all kinds of records. Not only in gaming, but in the Entertainment industry as well. And that is amazing considering the game is on a single console and not a multi-platform title.

4. Halo Wars launches and this console RTS game outsells the FPS Killzone 2 game on the PS3. Personally, I think that says lots about the Halo franchise.

The game may not be the best FPS ever, but then again nothing is because for every person who thinks Call of Duty is the best, there is someone who disagrees.

Just be glad that the game is successful and spawning more great games. When a title is this successful, other games and developers look at it, see what they can do to improve on it and BAM, we get even more great games.
@Wingman709 About your #4...I suppose you could argue that it says more about the consoles themselves rather than the 2 game franchises. Now that the PS3 has had a price drop it will be interesting to see how ODST fares against games on the PS3.
xbox elite prices dropped by $100 too.
I wouldn't say overrated, the Halo series is a dying corpse that got left on the operating table. On its own, Halo 1 could possibly be considered one of the top 20 games of all time, if nothing else for the innovations it brought to the FPS/Shooter genre. With two useless, cancer-ridden limbs dragging it down, the Halo *series* is one of the worst debacles to smite the gaming community.
@wastelander75 Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Maybe nothing will change then...
You know what's really overrated? The ESRB!
overrating something is overrated
That, too.
Just tossing this out there, a group on the net purposely is voting Bub and Bob just to piss people off. Easy to find info if you know where to look.

Yeah while they're antics have certainly sparked this debate of Halo being overrated or not, as of now I'm calling foul play because Bub and Bob are beating Samus now.
Who are Bub and Bob?
@EarthboundX Characters from a few different games, they are dragons with the power to blow magic bubbles. Here is the wiki for one of the games they were in: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puzzle_Bobble
Oh, Bubble Bobble? I loved that game, haha.
@EarthboundX Those dragon/dinosaur things from Bubble Bobble and Bust a Move.
I loved Bust-a-move when I was a kid, but I hardly paid attention to those dragons =/
Halo is overrated as a first person shooter. there are better ones out there. But honestly, it is perfect for people who arent serious gamers or who arent serious FTS players, because to be really good at those truly does take some skill. Someone who is good at halo probably wont be amazing at Call of Duty, or hell even Conterstrike.

Why is Halo so popular then? Because it appeals more to the non-gamers. I consider myself a gamer, but I am not a serious one like one of my friends. He says and I quote "Halo is the Mcdonalds of FTS". And he is right. But for all those people who dont have a subscription to insider gamer monthly or even are a part of GamerDNA, it is fun, entertaining and fills every need for those especially who do play games purely recreationallly.

Also Halo is just friggin fun playing online with your friends. If I wanted to be serious, I will play COD4 modern warefare, but if I want to have just a chillax fun time laughing, I prefer halo. Done with my rant.
sounds like the thing that they were trying to do with Sanjaya on American Idol. Not vote for the most talented, just the most voted.

I'm starting to notice some things. You and some other people that gave some positive reviews to Halo all pretty much said the same thing, you play with friends. I'm not bashing or anything, but even the most mundane/tedious thing (not saying Halo is either) can seem fantastic if you do it with friends.
I think the real question here is not why you like Master Chief, but why you don't like Bub and Bob. Everybody likes Bub and Bob. Heathen.

Besides, you think this is bad? GameFAQs keep having a best game ever and a best character ever contest year after year, and the only things that ever win are Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and characters featured therein. It's kind of fuckin' annoying.
you said it richard dean anderson's breakfast plate!!
I like Master Chief. I don't know Bub and Bob. I'd have voted for Master Chief.

They are dragons and dragons have been known to kill my asian friends xP
I'd have to go with Way overrated... I remember a PC game called TRIBES that came out about 20-25years ago. That was when HALO was good. The genre has been done to death and for a shooter it's pretty lack luster, physics suck, graphics are mediocre, storyline is beat. Anyway keep on playing TRIBES to you hearts content if it makes you happy.
The first two games were very well done but the hype on Halo 3 was unbelievable. It could never live up to it.
Ha, I remember when Halo 3 won an award at the Spike VGAs. "Best Game Fueled by Mountain Dew."

That was the reason I quit watching the VGAs.
The Spike VGA is the worst thing to happen to video games in a long time. I only watched the first one, and vowed never to watch any other ones. It seems like they played more music, then talked about games.

Well, plus the fact that the only games that win, are rated M or T.

Spike is a pretty crappy network.
@EarthboundX Agreed. They definitely don't give out awards fairly. I remember that Super Mario Galaxy won best action game one year, and they gave it less than 10 seconds. Plus some of the awards, like the one I mentioned previously, are sponsored and made up just so a specific game can win an award.

I think it's funny that the VGAs are losing viewers like crazy.
@WILDMAMMOTH You watched more than one? I quit the second Madden won the first one.
@amedeus8 Ah, I saw 2 of them I think. Both pissed me off, but for some reason I didn't learn my lesson with the first one I watched.
I've never been able to make it through even one of them; they're downright embarrassing. Plus, to people not into video games who watch these, they really give us a bad name.
@Bonemane thats totally true, so then I guess its just most of my friends play halo, so therefore, I play halo. If they moved onto something else, id probably do the same.
@EarthboundX Remember when spike lee tried to sue them for stealing his name? haha good times....
@Jwallwalrus I remember that, you have to have some giant ego, if you think you could win a case like that.

Remember when Trump tried to trademark You're Fired?

I hate that jackass.
I don't watch Spike VGA's and neither do I watch G4. They're both embarassing to gamers. I'm not even sure if G4 has anything to do with games anymore, its just cops re-runs all day then maybe an hour of "show some random clips they found on the internet that they think are hilarious, but are so not funny you facepalm at the hosts laughing their asses off." G4 should just air professional gaming events and game reviews all day. Producers act like its so hard to make TV for gamers, they're morons because its so damn obvious what we want.
adam sessler has the only sense on that channel.

morgan webb has become a cold hearted bitch.

and kevin perreria and olivia munn should just come out and say they've been makin bacon for months and call it a day.
@wastelander75 Morgan Webb wasn't always a cold hearted bitch?
when she first started out she wasn't. she actually liked her job. then came that article in....FHM? I tihnk? anway, she was voted the gaming goddess of g4.

apparently it went to her head.
That's still stuck up her ass.
Its gotten to the point where G4 is so not about gaming that video game shows aren't even premiering on the channel. WCG Ultimate Gamer premiered on Syfy and now its on USA.

Its kinda sad when you just about the only Network about videogames and you're not the first thing people go to when they want to try and get a new show about games on TV.

Gaming goddess of g4? really? lol I guess its like when they decided to name the 3 women from MadTV the "funniest women in the world". I literally fell out of my chair because those were some of the worst comedians/sketch actors I ever seen in my life and definitely one of the worst casts of any season of MadTV before that.
I agree with all these points about G4, and I most certainly hate them and never watch it and wish nothing but death upon that abomination, yet...

I'm STILL pissed about TechTV.
i think that's where the problems started. the merger of the two. eye candy was in, tech was out.
I also know that Yahtzee and his friends put together a great show about gaming and were trying to get it on G4, but G4 never even called them. Yahtzee and his friend's promo was 100x better than anything on G4, there was NO reason why it couldn't get picked up. G4 wouldn't know quality if hit them on the head while yelling "I'm GOOD!" through a loudspeaker
well, that's true. look at their attempt to be gamey with HURL.
@Bonemane it makes me sad too about g4, its turning into mtv where it doesnt play music except when they had trl. Wait a minute, what am I saying? Gamers LOVE watching cops, because it makes our lives look less sad! lolz
i remember shows like cheat!

although in the end that only became more of like "exploit!" than an actual cheat in the game.

The Screensavers. man. wow. talk about going way back. Hell the only time I see actual games on G4 is when they got to PAX, E3 or when one or both of the main hosts of the shows Attack of the Show! and X-Play are out sick/on location/getting laid.
I still enjoy Attack of the Show sometimes, though it has very little to do with games anymore.
@wastelander75 I watched a single episode of cheat. They spent half a show telling me that to get this weapon, type getthisweapon, to get that weapon, type getthatweapon, and so on down the entire line of weaponry, and then at the end they added, "And to get all weapons, just type getallweapons." I think they also said that to enter god mode, type god. What a waste of time, space, and life.
@amedeus8 i ihink i know which one you're talking about. was it the episode they did about Doom 4?
@wastelander75 There's a doom four? Holy crap where have I been?
@wastelander75 I don't think anyone can actually argue that people watch Cheat for the cheat codes. If you have access to G4, chances are to have internet. And if you have internet, and you want codes, just just check out a cheat site like gamefaqs. I think it's pretty fair to say that Cheat, much like Xplay, while still delivering both reviews and cheats and such, are seriously more for entertainment for anything. I mean, face it, they're funny and you watch it to laugh.
i meant 3. sorry.
Well there will be a Doom 4.
TechTV > G4 any day of the week twice on friday. back to halo. Halo is Overrated. ya its sales are up cause it has such a large fan base. ill admit its the best future based FPS or whatever. just cause Halo has so many fans dose not make it great. the pet rock sold a shit ton and it was more retarted than Halos storyline. i have played halo and i do like it its fun but people work it up to be so big. it just not my cup of tea but i think i can say that there are alot more interesting games out there for campaign mode (MGS4, Final Fantasys, Ect.).the list is pretty long. GoldenEye best FPS of all time. GOODNIGHT and no Oddjob.
No surprise here, but it's interesting to see just what the game consists of.

@ThePirate54 I like how you call Halo the best future-based FPS, then call GoldenEye the best FPS overall, and never mention Perfect Dark, which is pretty much an advanced future-based FPS version of GoldenEye. That kind of thing is funny to me.
@wastelander75 I think it was some 3PS Max Payne-ish... game of some kind. I don't really remember, it was quite awhile ago. It was probably Dead to Rights or something, but I really couldn't tell you unless I saw the episode again. And we all know how likely that is to happen.
I'm curious though, how everyone feels and thinks about Halo ODST?
or for that matter Halo Wars?
To me it seems like they're making Master Chief less and less unique by dressing every freaking body like him =/
@wastelander75 As a matter of fact, ODST is the only Halo game in the entire series that actually made me go "Hm... I'd like that game." Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo Wars never really struck me as something I'd want to go out of my way for. Sure, I played 'em at my buddies' houses and I even got a free copy from my brother when he was done with it, but I was never really into them. ODST looks very enthralling (key word there, however, is looks).

I'm looking forward to it. The commercials are pretty sick.
He was always meant to be an elite marine, not a unique one.
@TheTot yeah if there was ever a promo for what a Halo movie'd look like, those commercials would be a pretty good stepping stone for it.
Screw it. Halo was fun. If other people liked it, ok. If they didn't? I don't care.

The only thing that has ever mattered when it comes to games is this: do _you_ have fun playing it? If I am having fun playing a game, I don't give a sh*t if somebody else hates it. If I don't like a game, I don't buy it or I return it to the store. Fairly simple, really.

By the way: Master Chief is a very generic character. He has very little personality (beyond "Give me a gun and point me at the ugly things that need to die") and was designed to be this way. Commander Shepard (Mass Effect, for those playing along at home) has far more personality, particularly because the player defines the character and those decisions are reflected in the game. Decisions in Halo generally amount to figuring out in which order you shoot ugly things in the face.

Still, it's a fun game. And I enjoyed my special time with Cortana.
@wastelander75 I played it at PAX and for fts, I dont think ive ever really got into the "fighting" aspect of halo except in odst, it feels more like call of duty in the way you actually fight or strategy. At least thats the way I felt about it.
@wastelander75 I never really got into Halo Wars. But then, I've never been huge on RTS multiplayer, so I just don't like those as much as most people. The only ones I ever really play are Warcraft anyways. And even then, I think I really only like to see how huge a base I can build. And Halo Wars kind of kicks that in the face. Still, the missions are pretty fun. I've had people tell me they like the multiplayer too, so there's that then.
i'll admit, I'm not into RTS's that much. a few. but even with the Halo tag strapped to it I'm really not interested in it. Now ODST. that's oddly different, mainly because they make it a point in some critiques of the game that you are NOT master chief.

Ok what does that mean? that means no self repairing shield regenerating mjolnir armor that makes you 7 feet tall (literally, it does, or says it does) and bulletproof (although it's more like plasma burn proof really).

It intrigues me in that it's going to turn some folk off to the fact that A) they have to think before they shoot and B) charging in guns blazing will more than likely get you killed. Maybe now I can enjoy myself without having to put up with some gun-ho gun charging nutcase tea bagging me every time I go through the Forge.

And...you have to admit...the commericals look cool.
Well,I don't think it's overrated. It's a 2007 game and it's still no1 xboxLIVE. And it's for a reason: Very nice campaign since you can play alongside with 3 friends on several difficulty settings and skull-search or skulls active make it even better. Online is awesome with your own customized spartan, easy to squad up, ranking system without advancing weapons (only skill matters) on a wide range of maps. A lot of game-types for multiplayer (Most games only offer death-match or team death-match!). Forge let's you create own maps. Cinema records every game, making screenshots is very nice. What do other games have to offer? Nothing like that! That's why Halo3 is no1 shooter!
@WCR-COMMANDO You just named a ton of options, but, like, no gameplay :\

Haha I was just about to say that! Another person advertising the game rather than discussing its gameplay in-depth.


3-4 person CO-OP has been around for awhile, same thing with customized characters. Ranking system without advancing weapons? That's been around since the 90s and is in pretty much every online shooter. Again with game modes I can say that games have been doing more than deathmatches since the 90s. I can take a screenshot of all the modes in the original Quake and Unreal Tournament to prove this. I'm sure there's alot more games that have more than deathmatches too since CTF is a staple with those.
@Bonemane and @amadeus8 - I agree. Nothing that @WCR-COMMANDO has stated is new. And it does not address the gameplay, which is my big turn off from the whole series. WAY too much filler in the series, and not enough meat.

As for comparing games, the UT series had more stock gametypes than any other series.

DM/TDM (Grouped FFA and Team together)
Domination (DOM)
Double Domination (DDOM) (Separated from DOM, since the gameplay is vastly different between the two)
Warfare/Onslaught (I put them together since the gameplay for them is the same)

I'm not adding the two game modes from the UT3 expansion, as I don't consider them to be "stock" gametypes.

Add in the countless mods that add gametypes, or completely overhaul the game, and it has the most variety of any game series, ever.

The Quake series was always more DM oriented. Their CTF and other offerings were extremely limited, even with the Team Arena expansion for Q3A, although the game is modable like the UT series.
Well, I wanted to point out that the game offers (besides its awesome graphics and sound) options to play the game in vast which is one reason for me to keep playing or come back to play.

I can't list them all right now since there are so many and I have no list at hand. And I have to say that I played it a lot but there are surely game-types in Halo 3 even I haven't played yet. Sure, there are other games that have more gameplay to offer then (Team-) Death Match and CTF but (and now for the gameplay) not in this way:

Very easy to handle characters, weapons and vehicles (and there are so many of them and the physics of them is great and fun!) and the gameplay is quite friendly (no graphic violence, no dark gameplay (you can't customize a spartan wearing a black armor for multiplayer for example)) and I don't just mean family friendly but mind friendly, in a psychological way friendly. Even the enemies look comic like friendly and it's fun to see them acting comic like angry when they can't bring you down.

Plus the gameplay is slow enough to have fun and fast enough to give a wide range of players positive stress which results in fun. Which gives it a big audience of wide range of age (from kid to mature) and made it very popular.

And besides that the character of the Master Chief as a faceless comic like super hero with only good characteristics like Superman which gives players a way to play a ideal hero and not a anonymous character.

What I meant when saying there's no ranking in multiplayer and that this is positive point in Halo3 was that it is very easy for any new Halo3 player to get into the multiplayer gameplay (which is another friendly option). CoD5 for example has a ranking which results in superior weapons for high ranked players and makes it difficult for new players to have fun joining once they left the bootcamp since they get shot on sight and have only low weapons to defend themselves.

Yes, I know, there are other games with similar gameplay. But Halo 3 offers the sum of it in a well balanced way.

So I'd say: Easy and friendly, well balanced gameplay style with immense replayability.

(Sorry for my bad english; it's not my first language.)
hmm perfect dark was nice. oh ya i did say goldeneye is the best of all time, cause it is. in perfect darks defense i think most people were to busy playing goldeneye, that says somthing too. i could say alot of FPS's were better but i tryed not to get to far off topic wile still bashing halo. i was really getting at the fact halo still has not bested any of the great FPS's. im sorry i did not include perfect dark amedeus8, my bad it some how slipped my mind, it was a great game @amedeus8
I wasn't complaining, I just thought it was funny that you called Halo the best future shooter, when there's another future-shooter that's an improved version of you *overall* favorite shooter.
but if they're future shooters, aren't they breaking the space-time continuum and creating a time paradox? since they're from the future interacting with the pas...........ah never mind.
@wastelander75 Actually, disregarding sci-fi, there's only really two widely accepted theories on time travel. That either A.) There is some mystical force or law of the universe that simply does not allow time travel, or B.) The very fact that you have traveled through time means you have changed the time line, therefore it does not matter what you do because you're already in an alternate time line (including if you even travel back to the original time).

Again, this is disregarding all the sci-fi ways that time travel are displayed.

It's also widely accepted that if time travel was possible, it's likely to have to involve an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.
yes. wormholes through parallell dimensions has been discussed rather heavily around here recently.
@TheTot Actually, that only works if you use the theory that every decision splits all of reality in two, one usiverse for each thing which could have happened. This theory has been pretty much ruled out by the fact that the universe would have to double in mass every time two particles interacted. It exists only in science fiction.

There is a much more important theory which involves linear time, uses a single, 9 dimensional universe with only one timeline, and as far as I know has never been mentioned in any science fiction story.

In this sort of model, in which only one timeline can exist at a time and travel to the past is just travel in an unusual direction of space, you would not be able to do anything which would cause you not to have done whatever you would have done.

For example, it would be impossible for you to deliberately change any historical event, because the fact that this event happened the way you wanted it to happen would prevent you from wanting to go back to make the change, and therefore you did not go back to make the change in the first place.

Almost no manipulation of time is even possible under such a model, but you still might be able to go back and observe.
God I hope that was all just a joke.
hey look it's the guy who knows all about wormholes!! Since...you know...you have that...stargate..thing....

@amedeus8 You must have traveled through time and stole my thoughts.
@wastelander75 Yeah. Wormholes. They're crazy.

Watch out for solar flares, that's all I have to say.
Sorry, amadeus8. This time, it was all serious.

I actually read about that theory a few months ago. I forget the name of it.
and the 130th comment goes to...ME!

I used to talk about quantum physics and inter-dimensional transport all the time during lunch. It was such a hot topic!
i to think master chief is overated, to much hype placed on him.
Simply put, yes he is overated. Bub and Bob are legends and should've done better to be honest.

I've never understood the appeal of Halo series and why people find it so mezmerizing. The games themselfs have been bland and the story is meh. Plus FPS games for consoles is a big no no in my book. Who would sacrifice mouse and keyboard for a gamepad - Come on.

Props for the sticky granades tho, only fun I had while playing the games.
wow... if someone would have predicted this before it happened, I would NEVER have believed it
@BoomerDH81 Thanks for the spam.
It is not coincidence that the ingredients for Spam include tripe.
@WILDMAMMOTH I just saw my first actually spam, links for Bingo, and online poker.

I think Bone should delete Boomer's comment, we don't need spam here.
He's been spamming other threads, too.
Wow.. advertising in threads.. that's just ridiculous :o
@EarthboundX Yeah, it just started popping up fairly recently. It's really irritating.
Yay Bone!
Here's @BoomerDH81 post without the extra baggage (even though I think he just made it all up just so his post wouldn't get deleted for being irrelevant).

"Didn't read all of the comments but the Halo franchise is really cool love the gameplay and experienced for the first time yesterday online Halo3 via Xbox Live and loved it did pretty well for a noob also, LOL well I have played them on the hardest setting so that helps. Peace All"
Bub and Bob had a decent run, but they were finally defeated by famous Samus. We're talking about the greatest video game heroes though. I don't think a couple dragons from casual puzzle games would fit that category.
@Bonemane Besides.. everyone knows that Lolo is the greatest hero of all time :o His adventures were epic. No one pushes blocks around as well as he does! :3
@mnightwind I dunno, I seem to remember beating him up as Kirby...
@WILDMAMMOTH Hmm.. Kirby is a skilled fighter :o And he can turn into a rock, so he has that going for him!
@mnightwind Also, he seems to have the greatest digestive system in the universe.
Kirby? A skilled fighter? All respect to Pimp Master Kirby, but in reality he's little more than a sentient Handi-Vac.
@mykalgaidin I dunno, would you want to fight this?


Realistic Kirby is scary....
@mykalgaidin Somebody's gotta clean up dreamland and Kirby is the marshmallow with the skills :o
Somebody has a picture of a teratoma and a copy of Photoshop.
@WILDMAMMOTH Realistic Kirby has a thumb for a hand o_O
@mykalgaidin What's a teratoma?
@mnightwind Indeed he does.
Wikipedia to the rescue!


And be thankful there's no pictures. If you don't mind being slightly sick to your stomach, run it through Google Imagesearch.
Oops, used google images before Wiki...big mistake...
Ahh nature.. always ready to at once fascinate and terrify us :3
I got too much nature in my nose today. I was sneezing for about 20 mintues.
I guess there're worse places for nature to end up X3


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You forgot the free XBox.
...and the viagra, home loan, car insurance, lottery tickets and dead distant relative in Kenya.
Do'h! >.< Spammit!
I have to say Kirby was great in "There Will be Brawl".
If you've played SSBB, you'll see Kirby take out Meta Knights ship, all by himself, I love Kirby.
There seriously needs to be some sort of moderation team for posts like this. I'm really not trying to rain on anyone's parade here, but seriously... If I wanted a conversation like this I'd be in the forums.
Forums be damned, it seems. This post has probably received more attention than the official forums ever get. Also, yea, I need to unsubscribe to this. Having 10-20 items in my box every day from this post alone is getting old.
You're right. It is getting old.

Time to move on and make another thread this big.
@PuyoDead If you think this is remotely large, you obviously haven't seen our Harley Quinn thread.
I'm already working on new ideas for topics xP
@amedeus8 i think he has
@ronnie heya welcome to the site, love the avatar! :D Series was awesome. hated the ending that's all i have to say about it. Wish there was more.

Anyway. Where were we? oh yes. Halo.

You know to be honest if they spent half as much money turning ODST into a fully fleshed out game like they should have instead of pouring it into the TV ads (which, to me there's nothing wrong with them, they're cool ads) This game might very well have been hands down Game of the Year instead of everyone's "why didn't they just make this 5 hour tour a Halo 3 add on DLC pack?"
Even I have to admit the live-action trailer was one of the best ads I've seen in a long time.
Nothing could beat the original Halo. They have just added online play and maps since then.
And dual-wielding. And new weapons. And improved graphics. And new vehicles. And Forge mode. And video sharing.

No, you're right. Halo 3 is the _exact_ same game as Halo.
I def. think the overall campaign portion of halo 3 is overrated but from what I've seen of multiplayer it seems like it deserves most of it's praise (tho my opinion is def questionable since I refuse to pay for gold and have never played it ). At the time halo released it was pretty groundbreakingly awesome in a lot of ways, but (I think) if the same game were to be released now, it wouldn't have received as much praise as it did. In short I think halo is overhyped now, but I don't think it was overhyped back then.....assuming that makes sense
I can sum this up in one word;

@jimothyjim Halo is the most OVERRATED series of all time. It's not that it would be a bad series judged as is(an average, fun casual shooter), but from the sheer amount of hype and hero worship, you would think Bungie invented the FPS genre. The fanboys make this worse by the most trollish and circular logic to defend it. Honestly, almost everything about it has been done before, Goldeneye on the N64 had paired weapons, Perfect Dark had a mountain of better everything for it's time, even vehicles are done better on series like Unreal. At this point, it's much like World of Warcraft, they've taken a series with potential, that borrowed a lot from predecessors, and hyped it to the point of insanity. Even the Covenant/Flood/Humans triat they stole wholly from Starcraft. That said, it does seem odd that the vaunted android-masquerading-as-a-character known as Master Chief lost to some puzzle dragons who are the cousins of Bubble Bobble.
If you enjoyed the original Halo, then you owe it to yourself to try Reach. I honestly could have skipped Halo 2 & 3, but Reach feels like a true successor to the original Halo: CE

I do admit after playing and beating in about 2 days. Even though its short and I'm still kinda pissed because I exited out the game and turned it off without getting any credits, its feels like a true sequel to Halo: CE better than 2, 3, ODST and a well developed send off to the series since I guess Bungie announced they wouldn't be making anymore Halos.

Everything I've griped about in the last halos has been fixed except for the fact that it seems as though they eliminated dual wielding weapons completely. There's a ton of new weapons and gameplay elements that's seriously a good add-on because Halo was getting stale since it still had the same weapons, physics, etc. from the original.
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