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Bonemane played Rakion Chaos Force

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Bonemane said...
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Going into this game I was totally confused because on everything its being presented as an freaking MMORPG (Its even listed on mmorpg.com, a site which I'm starting to lose respect for everyday) when its nothing but a 'GunZ ' rip off except with bows instead of guns. Like GunZ its a lobby based third-person-shooter deathmatch/action-oriented (Think Unreal Tournament or Quake except in Third Person) game with added scenarios or "instances" which are fights against NPC monsters on different stages. Even with instances if you can only have about 4 people in the room I would call that CO-OP!!!! Not an MMO!!! Hell, how could I not be expecting something different than a mmo when somebody compares this game to City of Heroes on a board I saw.

Even calling a game like this an RPG would be a stretch. It's so clearly a third-person-shooter or whatever genre games like Unreal and Quake are classified. Call it a TPS or an arena based shooter, but don't come telling me this is an mmorpg. Don't most RPGs have stories tied to them? GunZ didn't have a story and they never called themselves an mmorpg. Using the logic of this game then every game should be called an RPG as you're 'playing a character'. Another example of companies taking liberties.

Another thing I noticed from playing the developer's (Softnyx) games is that their obviously foreign or mentally challenged because there's SOOOOOO Many typos in all their games. Its on the loading screens (how do you miss this???), game menus, their homepage, in-game notices, etc. You would think if you were going to make an english game you would hire somebody that can speak fluent english =/

I know I'm ranting over nothing with the typos, but seriously there's ALOT. Check it out for yourself. Its so unprofessional and almost childlike. I think a more logical conclusion is that their just ripping off a more popular game in-order to make money and don't really care, which explains the typos. Don't believe me? Check out 'E.D.A.' their new game thats still in beta and tell me if it isn't a more blatant GunZ rip-off than Rakion. All they did was modernize Rakion meaning they added guns, officially turning it into GunZ!
Rakion Chaos Force

Rakion Chaos Force (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date:
178 minutes
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actually i quite like rakion.. the quest mode was good fun and the melee pvp was pretty good :/

I don't hate the game either its just I was looking for a new mmo so I downloaded this only to find out its not even an mmorpg.
true enough, i guess it comes down to that whole "combat arms is not a damn mmofps" ordeal
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