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Bonemane played Ninety-Nine Nights 2

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Bonemane said...
  • angry
What is up with this retarded game?!?!? I was wary to get this, but I wanted to see what happened after the first one and I just couldn't give up because of the all the good times I had with the 'kingdom under fire' series. There's no combo list so this is truly a hack 'n' slash. I had something else to do and the first level was taking freaking forever to beat. One minute I think it's over it then the game turns around and beats me over the head with another objective. I ended up dying and quitting then realized that it didn't save anything whatsoever. So I'm off this game for awhile.

I'm pissed off at the boring enemies too. No wonder this game got such bad reviews.
Ninety-Nine Nights 2

Ninety-Nine Nights 2

Release Date: 16/MAR/10
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