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Bonemane's gameplay for NBA 2K11

Bonemane played NBA 2K11

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Bonemane said...
  • frustrated
I haven't ranted about the 2k series in awhile and after winning 8 RANKED games in a row (which oddly enough DIDN'T count towards my record) and losing 2 (which DID) I have decided to let off some steam in the form of a mini-rant.

Animations are long, sloppy, there aren't enough of them, and all around terrible.

Shot detection is a joke. Even if it says you released it perfectly you still miss because obviously they want you to release on the exact ZEPTOSECOND (yes that's a real unit of measurement smaller than a nano/millisecond).

Foul calling is hiliarious with numerous bugs you can exploit in the game that will generate ridiculous calls. Shaq, a 7ft+ center, could knock Spudd Webb, a measly what? 5'6" point guard into the stands during a drive to the basket where Webb was standing still for about 5 seconds before the behemoth lumbered his way over and they'll call a blocking/personal on Webb.

Dwight Howard could be standing in the post looking out for a rebound and when the ball goes up he decides to let his opponent grab this one only to get flagged with an over the back when he didn't even jump, didn't even MOVE.

Illegal screens get called when the supposed 'screener' was nowhere near the ball handler and it was an impossible screen to begin with. Wow is this game bad, but I keep coming back for more frustration...

Oh and the servers SUCK ASS. Takes you 5 minutes just to find a match then 20 more tries after that just to connect to one.
NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11

Release Date: 05/OCT/10
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