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Bonemane's gameplay for NBA 2K10 (X360)

Bonemane played NBA 2K10

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Bonemane said...
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Played a couple games in my player after Saint's Row II froze for the 6th time (could this be a sign that a red ring of coming? *dramatic music*). Started off with a match against the Jazz /yawn. Finished with 92 points, 20 assists, 9 rebounds (the game always pulls some crap where I get stopped at 9 no matter how much time is left), 34 steals and 1 block. Yep, I'm pretty sure I broke a couple records. Next I played the All-Star game (february 11-12 for anyone wondering when it was going to be like myself) against my nemesis LEBRON *pumps fist*!!! Well...it glitches again. This time I play in the all-star game, but don't get any recognition for it thereby leaving my milestones, incomplete -_-.
NBA 2K10

NBA 2K10 (X360)

Genre/Style: Sports/Basketball
Release Date: 06/OCT/09
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