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Bonemane earned achievements in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

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Bonemane said...
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What a tame mortal kombat this one is. DC made Ed Boon its bitch. Atleast the controls are smoother than the other previous clunkers. They made the moves all simpler to pull off (you know like when you pick the simpler combinations for your tricks on tony hawk xP). You notice when playing characters that they all have the same basic set of moves (a stun, a counter or escape, etc.) meaning they basically went out of their way to balance all the characters. The negative aspect of this balancing? They made the characters seem almost like clones of eachother... just in different skin. They even took out alot of the stuff that was in the previous games like create a character, konquest (replaced with story mode), and the kombat racing. I wonder...what have you people thought of the Mortal Kombat series as its progressed?
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (X360)

Genre/Style: Fighting/3D Fighting
Release Date: 16/NOV/08
300 points
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I haven't played it since Deception. I was still shocked they offed poor Liu Kang.
I wasn't planning to buy this one, anyway.
It is a ok title to MK I just wish the DC people were not in it
But then it would be Mortal Kombat vs. Bye.
Damn you Raiden!!!
I can see where it'd be like they tried to emulate the Capcom vs. Marvel thing. In fact it might have been better if they'd of done it that way.

Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Comics. MK Vs. MC.

I'd be down with a Scorpion vs. Ghost Rider any day of the week.
.........holy shit that looks sweet.
Looks like the way mortal kombat was originally meant to be. I haven't been interested in mk in a long time, but this gets me a little hyped. We'll have to see in-game how the controls are.
I haven't bothered with MK since I played MK2 in the arcade. I was always turned off by the simplistic fighting engine and rather juvenile depictions of "brutality".
Is there a mature way to depict brutality in a fighting game?
No, just one that's more realistic and not so cartoonish.

Although I like the idea of having the fighter's families on the sidelines, making you think about the true impact each punch and slash of a blade truly has. And then you can kill the family while they're still in shock over the brutal murder of their loved one.
You surprised me sir, touche.
I think for the sake of fun in a fighting game a certain amount of the violence has to be stylized, otherwise it ruins the pace of the fight.
I think part of my problem is the ridiculous amount of blood sprayed around. That and the fact that so many think that it's a good game only because of the blood.

One of the saddest moments in my life was a few days before my wedding. My best man and I were at a gaming store playing a demo of Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast (yes, this was quite some time ago). Two teenagers were watching us play and one excitedly remarked to the other, "You know what would make this game a thousand times better? If there was blood".
Yeah but consider the source. The stereotypical ignorant teenager (any teenagers ignore this, if you are an active member here you are likely not in the group I am talking about).
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